Me Not Ready Love You Long Time Just Yet

An update on wonderful Vietnam is on the way, faster than a speeding bullet speeding motorcycle clapped-out but valiantly struggling made-in-China death trap of a moped with no side mirrors!

(Thanks for being so patient, everybody. But um, yeah, I still need a little more time.)


  1. 1. Did you go to Halong Bay? Sapa? Hoi An? Thieves? Power plugs? Condoms? Am planning to visit soon, could use some tips!

    2. MICHAEL HOR CHILLING AT THE MINISTRY OF SOUND !!! Photographic evidence on my blog. :)

  2. Shiyao:

    1. Ha Long Bay yes, but had no time for the others this trip. There’ll definitely be another though, we really loved Hanoi! Not sure what tips I’d give that are specific to Vietnam, assuming you’re already a fairly seasoned traveller. Just generally be on your guard against scams and you should be fine. And bring your Immodium/charcoal tablets if you want to try street food.

    2. OMFG! You should have insisted he wear his bowtie.

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