MC Krakow / James Iha / YLT’s Tom Courtenay

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Polish Rapper Under Fire For Use Of The Word ‘Polack’
DETROIT — MC Krakow, a popular Detroit-based rapper of Polish descent, came under fire Tuesday for his use of the word ‘Polack’ on his new album “World Warsaw III…In an official statement, MC Krakow defended his use of the word: “When I say, ‘Y’all be my Polacks,’ or ‘Yo, what up, Polack?,’ it’s my way of taking the word back. Our people need to re-claim and embrace ‘Polack’ with pride, just like Eminem did with the word ‘faggot.'”

Given that I think Ryan Schreiber’s description of James Iha’s solo album (borrowed off Yoichi on Tuesday along with some Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, the Rent soundtrack and the new Pulp) as sounding “like the Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet soundtracking an early ’70s film about young hippies in love, minus the drugs” is incredibly spot-on, and given that I find the album as a whole remarkably uninspiring, Sound Of Love really shouldn’t have been in my head all of last night and this morning, but it is.

While we’re on the subject of happy happy jangly layered harmony poppy sounds, you might as well also read about Yo La Tengo’s gem Tom Courtenay at Rebellious Jukebox, which is a recent addition to my list of dailyish reads.

Earlier I described the riffing in Sonic Youth’s Drunken Butterfly as “seductive”, which I meant in the predatory, skulking sort of way rather than the “let me slip into something more comfortable” way. Just to clarify.