Maybeeee Someone’s Gonna Save Meeeee

Tickets bought to see Stephen Malkmus at ULU on April 12, hooray, hooray!!! But now there’s a dilemma – I assume he’ll sing lots of songs from his solo album, so do I go buy it so that I don’t end up listening in ignorance? I originally intended to wait till it was available second hand at Django, or buy it cheap in Singapore when I go home for the summer. And is it an affront to him as a solo artist to hope he sings some Pavement songs as well? I’m not asking for much, just AT&T, Shady Lane and In The Mouth A Desert. Please?

Now that’s done, I have to go toddle down to various roadside ticketing agents and see what I can scrounge up for Yo La Tengo (April 10). And hey, contrary to my previously voiced fears, I’m not going to have to slink in alone and grit my teeth in envy eavesdropping on everyone else talking to their friends about how much they love Slanted And Enchanted, or I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One, because Marten, sole indie-lovin’ friend in London, decided that the gigs were just too good to pass up.

Yay. :) Going to these two gigs will go far towards lessening my genuine pain of missing Bon Jovi when they play here in June!

And hordes of indie readers leave in disgust.