Marrrrrritime Law

One of the other lawyers was teaching me how to research a ship.

Lawyer X: Okay, so if you can’t find it in Lloyd’s Register or the online sources, that probably means it’s –
Lawyer X, looking at me strangely: – not a vessel involved in international trade.
Me: Ah, yes.

I think I need to curb my enthusiasm a bit more.


  1. The title of this post is very funny. Very Michellian, which makes me smile even more because I can imagine you saying it in real life.

    I can also imagine you saying, "PIRATES!" at that moment, and also the expression of your face as you say, "Ah, yes."

    : )

    Oh, how I miss you Michelle. (Soon! Soon.)

  2. Posting this comment has inadvertently recalled some Michellian sound bites and onomatopoeia.

    I’m giggling and I can’t stop.


  3. I miss you too, Russ.

    Even though I bet you’re probably laughing at the memory of the milk in Italy, and the speck I flicked off my trousers onto some old man in Stansted, and the “So obviously if I had a son, I wouldn’t call him ADOLF!” very loudly in a suddenly quiet restaurant in Germany, and all that makes me sulky and embarrassed…

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