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This blog has suffered from update FAIL over the past few weeks due to a lovely Californian road trip, my obsessive tweaking tendencies with respect to brand new laptops and my still-rampaging Simon Cowell fetish, specifically the not-insignificant likelihood that Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are doing all sorts of unspeakably naughty things to each other off-air. STOP JUDGING ME! I will return to my life as a perfectly level-headed, well-adjusted adult who is able to distinguish between real life and TV as soon as this season of Idol is over! (Unless I start watching season 3 of Dexter, in which case, based on the raaaaaaaage that made season 2 rule my every hour until I saw the bitch get her come-uppance, I make no such promises.)

So anyway! Please enjoy this marvellous FAIL as a space filler while I get things back on track! [Via where else but failblog.]


  1. New laptopOCDyay!

    Guess who’s coming to Singapore in December/January? Possibly for just a stopover, but will be saying hello nonetheless :)

  2. Simon and Paula do naughty things to each other on-air too. Just look beneath the table just when the camera pans over. *sage nod*

  3. edith: Dah-ling, don’t even get me started on what they do on-air unless you want me to start emailing you 8 seasons’ worth of Youtube clips which I have spent the last 2 months watching obsessively!

  4. Ah dah-ling… Maybe, just maybe, it is her way of getting back the millions more he is being paid vs. her… Exclusive Story: Paula – Simon and I: Under the Table.

    Ah. What is Idol without a whiff of fanatical conspiracy.

  5. So you’re saying that bulge in his pocket is just her hand?

    Dah-ling, you’re revealing a startling amount of American Idol knowledge. I thought I was the only loser who knows stuff like how much each of them gets paid!

  6. Nah, it could be a tight roll of 36mn.

    Well, I’m in the business of obscene rich people… Ah the tales. This is probably a less scary read for you: – From CDO Salesperson to Exotic Dancer (I always knew taking those dance classes could be worth it, this just verified that).

    I don’t mean to make it worse for you, but my mom watches it so she’ll sometimes tell me about the contestants or call me when a particular person is singing a song she likes. So all my knowledge is from my mom actually.

    *resists calling you mom*

    Oh. That sounded kinda kinky.

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