Hi, I’m Mario.


Much like Uncle Orlando, I was found in Michelle’s family’s driveway. It’s tough sometimes to photograph me well because I insist on moving rapidly around a dimly lit kitchen.

I find myself irresistable

Even when someone’s trying to cuddle me, I get all squirmy because the world is awesome and I want to explore it!


Nonetheless, I think it’s clear that I’m adorable.

Meet Mario

I am very small.


I’m also very hungry. I keep trying to eat the food lying around for the three other Uncle Cats, but I’m really too young for that right now.

Big boys' food

The big boys’ water dish is also too high for me. What shall I do?

Big Gulp?

Kitten milk in a syringe! I can totally handle this! Om nom nom.

Feeding time

I miss my mom. :( But I guess I could get used to cuddles from someone else.


Michelle’s family is taking good care of me because I need so much help right now. But with Uncles Orlando, Dinky and Winky, and Aunty Casey, they’ve already got four house cats. Together with Paddy, Mickey, Molly and MC who live outside, that’s eight cats they’re already supporting. Will someone kind, loving and responsible please adopt me? I really like napping on a warm human instead of in the drain.


If you think you can give little Mario a good home, please contact me! I’m glad to say that we’ve found Mario a well cat-proofed home with new owners who share my family’s zeal for feeding and neutering strays. He’ll even have a friend to play with! Thank you so much to everyone who expressed interest and passed on the message.

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  1. Arrrghhhhh adorable kiiiiitteeeennn! Sometimes while I’m clearing out cat shit and blowing my persistently stuffed nose from allergies, I ask pat why on earth we have 4 cats. Now I remember why….they are f*cking irresistible as kittens! I hope Mario finds a good home.

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