Lucky Exam Escape

Oh, something I’ve kept on forgetting to mention, which is surprising considering the loud Wahoooooey! I screamed out into the night on finding this out last week: my exam results.

Regular readers will be aware of this traumatic exam, in which I contemplated first incontinence and then bestiality. Happily, my performance in it was apparently worth a first, as was my criminal law exam. Contract and Tort, as well as property, got 2-2s, which is wonderful given that I was expecting third classes or fails for those. (first=A, 2-2=C)

I’m obviously incredibly relieved at this, but I can’t help thinking I’ve snatched undeserved achievement from the jaws of just deserts, yet again. I seem to have been doing this for much of my life, and I can’t remember any exam I’ve done where I actually thought I got what I deserved. Based on the amount of work and commitment I put in, I only ever deserve to fail.

But! Next year will be different! I will put in Sustained And Conscientous Effort and DESERVE my first (oh please, please, please) or my second-upper (I’ll settle for that, I guess, but no lower, no lower, no lower!).