Lucky Django Screwup

AMAZING. I originally ordered Altered Beast only because they didn’t have a used CD of 100% Fun available – I was intending to get that on CD first, because I like it more than Altered Beast. But when testing out my new purchase, I put it into the player, pressed play, and hey! The opening strains of Sick Of Myself! At first I thought I’d just been away from the music too long, and had mixed the two songs up. But the next was Not When I Need You, followed by the rest of the 100% fun that is 100% Fun, all the way up to the magnificence of Smog Moon. So I take that back about Django not screwing up, but ironically, I’m more of a satisfied customer now than I was before I discovered their mistake.

It’s something to keep in mind for the future though – it’s pure luck that I still got something that I wanted and didn’t already have, and at least it was an album by the right artist. If they’d sent me Matchbox 20 labelled as Matthew Sweet I’d be:
a)not satisfied
b)no longer a customer, and
c)violently and noisily ill

[Edit: I emailed them telling them about the mistake, but said that I was happy to own that other album anyway. They apologised, thanked me for the feedback and sent me a voucher for $5 – a good response.]