Love In The Time Of Online Dating

It’s not clear why the guy trying to sign up for online dating in this short skit confines his prospective dirty screen names to authors only, but I still laughed loudly and childishly.

And then of course, I had to come up with my own list of cuncontenders. Feel free to add yours!

  • Walt Clitman
  • Edith Whoreton
  • David Spreaddings
  • Don Dedildo
  • Henry Wadsworth Shlongfellow
  • Saul Bellowjob
  • Honore de Ballsack
  • John Bangville
  • Rideher Haggard
  • Doris Lezzing
  • Haruki Murakumming
  • Alexander Bushkin

Edit (29 Jan): More additions, contributed by John’s Jamie!

  • Whoris Lezzing
  • Salman Bushdie
  • Bram Stroker
  • Iain M Wanks
  • William Ernest Fuckeray
  • Franz Kafcock
  • Edgar Allen Pube
  • Vagina Woolf
  • Cunter S. Thompson (my personal favourite)
  • Wet Pissed-On Ellis


  1. Is he trying to convey a balance between sophisticated and intelligent on one hand, and up for it on the other hand? I realise my comment contains the phrase “Up for it on the other hand”.

  2. James: The ad is comedy, but the novelty of the Roxanne vid wore off for me after about 10 seconds.

    Matt: I wouldn’t really bother wondering about the nuances of his motivations, it’s probably not rocket science. I realise my comment contains the word “rocket”.

    supertsar: I considered adding a list of authors who didn’t need any change eg. Heraclitus, Emily Dickinson, but didn’t in the end. But yes, he would have been on such a list.

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