Living The Plan

On Tuesday, I had a great time out with Benny at Singapore Sling (Hainanese chicken rice, kangkong belachan and chin chow!) and Vinyl Addiction (whoever was DJing there the night of Tuesday June 3, you played one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve ever heard, but unfortunately despite telling you so, I never got your name. Anyway, you rock.)

On Wednesday with Russ I ate sushi in a park and loved the Saatchi Gallery. At night I met Zakir, Chris and Ben (three friends from Singapore on fleeting visits to London) and realized halfway through my jerk chicken that apart from these three lovely chaps there are still many more friends in Singapore I will be having equally good times with when I get back, which gave that dastardly departure depression a sizable whack.

Today I had dinner with Alec on the pavement outside Thai Metro and some good cider in the Fitzroy Tavern and missed him dreadfully the minute we said good night.

When I was not doing all these things, I was attending classes, researching an essay, studying my arse off, not eating or drinking enough, cleaning the flat, feeling generally run-down.

I think the plan outlined yesterday is still fundamentally sound. I just have to figure out how to live this hard without fraying at the edges.