Like A Poussin With Its Head Cut Off

Okay, so after a couple of conflicting medical opinions, it now appears I probably do have chicken pox, although the antivirals I’ve been taking have rendered it incredibly wimpy – poussin pox, if you will. It looks like I’ll have to miss work till the end of this week so that other people in my office don’t end up doing the chicken dance too, but I really can’t see these wimpy pox surviving the weekend. Alec is still considered infectious because of a lousy two (TWO?!) spots which haven’t scabbed over yet, but I hope I’ll be able to see him quite soon. My mum continues to show no signs of infection but she’s not out of the woods yet.

So apart from occasionally channelling Lady Macbeth and whiling away the afternoons with a warm sleepy cat on my belly, I have no other real agenda for the coming week apart from deciding how I want to celebrate my birthday the week after.

Very pleasantly, my problem right now is choosing between an excess of options. The day itself is sorted because of the Tortoise gig at night. Surprisingly, even Zouk has a half-interesting lineup for that weekend, with Chicks On Speed on Friday and Grandmaster Flash on Saturday. And lastly, Tiramisu and Astreal (my new favourite local band, sorry Observatory, I’ll still support you but walls of crashing sound with ethereal vocals by a hot girl playing an oversized turquoise guitar straight out of the Jetsons kinda push my buttons a bit more) will be playing at the first RNDM night at Mox, also on Saturday.

With so much to do, I’m reconsidering my original idea of just throwing a house party, simply because I don’t see how I can fit one in.


  1. Happy early birthday! With or without the chicken dance.

    If it’s any consolation, we all still want the eggs.

  2. i don’t believe this. tortoise. chicks on speed. AND grandmaster flash? my life just seems like utter rubbish right now. why didn’t i get such good gigs when i was in singapore over chinese new year?! *sob* i will be scouring the listings for something vaguely good to go to this weekend now.

  3. a happy early birthday. =) (was desperately trying to win Tortoise tickets on class 95 the other night but no go. yes, class95.) and i hope you’ll recover soon from said chicken pox virus!

  4. Man! You sound like you have so many possibilities planned out!!

    Go enjoy yourself Michelle! You certainly deserve it…

  5. Tessa: Please do! I’ll be the short Chinese girl with a dark-haired white guy. And I’ll keep an eye out for you as well, so please make an effort to look exactly the way you look in all photos on your site!

    Phunkstar: Something “vaguely good”? B-b-but you’re in LONDON, dammit. Where you could routinely go to the clubbing discussed here rather than die of boredom in Zouk to music I got tired of after first year of uni! If I were in London now, on my birthday alone I would have to choose between watching Mos Def, the Arcade Fire or Trail Of Dead, with The Arcade Fire playing across the bloody street from where I used to live. And frankly, I’d rather watch ANY of those than Tortoise, it’s just that I have to make the best of what Singapore has to offer. Am I making myself clear??!! Please go forth and make love to London on my behalf, pronto. :)

    Thanks to shao, a 1 and Pei Ee as well for the supportive comments. One of the nicest things about the recent comments this site has been getting is that there’s a fairly equal mix between old dear friends of mine, cool people I’ve just met recently, and complete strangers.

  6. awww…”whiling away the afternoons with a warm sleepy cat on my belly” so schweeeet…..

    Conversely, if I had the warm sleepy cat I have at home on my belly, I think I’d be squished to death.

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