Lazy LLM Life

As weeks go this one has been a bit of a badly done barbecue. On the outside there’s dessication (too much wine, tea and Coke, too little liquid with actual hydrating ability) and a host of gnawing problems (organizing my room and various personal administrative errands). On the inside there are underattended induction lectures and unmaximised time, mostly wasted in lazy mornings, shameless freshers’ fayre trawling, and reading of trash (Tony Parsons, this means you); stick a fork in it, and it’ll dribble pink.

Music buying opportunities, though, have as usual been fully exploited, perhaps overly so. It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water (Microphones) and Compassion (Broadway Project) are on the way from Django. Sea Change (Beck) is coming from CD Wow. Benny tells me he’s sorted out DJ Shadow tickets, and I’m on the case for the Sigur Ros ones.

I could write more but I must leave to get ready for yet another jaunt to Fabric, which will do little for my dehydration, debilitating music addiction, or weak prioritizing ability, but will hopefully help with my aerobic fitness if nothing else.