Lazy Bank Holiday

A Bank Holiday weekend, and my first weekend in a while of actually doing nothing, as opposed to hanging upside down in fairground rides in Brighton, or climbing hills in the Lake District.

Lazy breakfast (and I do mean lazy – it ended at 3!) on Saturday in Goodfellas Deli on Lamb’s Conduit Street. Watching jawdropping feats of inline skatery in Hyde Park, remembering that old love and resolving to go skating some time soon; resolving to also bring Alec so as not to be the crappest skater in the park. Dinner and brief foray into Eurovision madness (I liked Norway) before heading out to meet Russ for Breakin’ Bread at the Rhythm Factory, which had mouthfuls of goodness (a spate of classics I never get tired of, including Sound Of Da Police and Witness; also, watching breakdancers always fills me with awe) among larger morsels of tedium (a bit too much jazzy/funky old skool which could get monotonous for me, some of the less successful attempts in the open-mic MCing session); all in all, a good club night, though not the best I’ve had.

Lazy breakfast (and I do mean lazy – it ended at 5!!!) on Sunday. Mass, dinner, and the rather harrowing Kids, which I was glad to finally have watched, and was not disappointed by, but will never watch again.

A break from tradition on Monday, where breakfast was somewhat earlier so we could get to Kew Gardens in good time for maximum tweeness. Lying on the grass after lunch, somewhere in between picking an insect off Alec and straining to understand Ada or Ardor, I fell asleep. Later in Richmond, we rowed on the Thames and ate on a barge and were very happy.

And today back to work.