Late, Spotty, Grumpy

I reeled into the law faculty an hour late to hand in the essay, but at least the damn thing is done. A spot of horrific proportions has manifested itself on my forehead. At about 4 am this morning, in utter misery, I resorted to one of my traditional methods of happifying myself by putting on some good music and watching myself do some goofy dancing in the mirror. So there I was, gettin’ down to some Jurassic 5 (borrowed from Joseph), and then I noticed The Boil That European Community Law Built. Given that I’m not at all used to such eruptions, it was profoundly depressing.

I’ve decided to sod the tutorial and sleep.

Or I might rewatch the X-Files episode I recorded off BBC2 on Wednesday – while watching I was continually annoyed by the poor standard of writing, cinematic cliches and general plot incoherence, but when reading other people’s reviews of the episode on the Web, I was amazed to find that it was reasonably popular. Either I’ve become an old grumpy Phile hankering after the old days when the conspiracy actually made sense, or I missed something that they all saw. Here’s an idea – get an infinite number of X-Philes typing randomly on an infinite number of computers for an infinite period, and maybe a sensible explanation of the conspiracy will emerge, or alternatively, evidence of the writing team’s powers of logic and common sense. Either will suffice.