Gay’s The Word, the last gay and lesbian bookstore in the UK, is in financial difficulties (rising rent, losing out to chain booksellers etc.) and trying to raise money. Unlike the people quoted in this article I can’t pretend it had any profound influence on my life. However, when I lived across the road from it, the sight of it cheered me up on gloomy days, and it was a very convenient landmark for directing people to our flat. Also, given that I now live in a country where the main gay equality lobby group gets rejected every time it applies to be registered as a society, gay sex remains a crime on the statute books and bafflingly idiotic articles (well shredded by Jol here) about how gay porn marginalizes gay men can get printed in our national broadsheet, it is nice to be reminded that other parts of the world are not like this. If one of my London friends feels like popping the price of a pint on my behalf into whatever donation box I assume the shop has, I’ll pay you back when I see you in May. :)


  1. Oh shit I’ve heard so much about that bookstore! Thanks for posting. My girlfriend and I might be sponsoring a shelf, if you want you can chip in? Drop me an email if you’re interested.

  2. w: Well my donation was only going to be about the price of a pint, so I think you should just go ahead without me. Cool that you’re hoping to help the shop out though, I hadn’t realized it was known worldwide.

  3. Well, my girlfriend spent 12 years in London so it’s one of the places she speaks of most often. That’s the only real reason I know it. Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

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