We’re on our last day in Krakow now, and leave in a few hours on the night train to Prague. Everything has gone frighteningly swimmingly so far.

I’d heard from various people that Poland can be a little racist and unfriendly to Oriental-looking people, but so far the most viciously racist comments I’ve encountered have pretty much been from Alec. We’ve received impeccably professional, extremely pleasant service almost everywhere, and everyone has been very forgiving of our lack of Polish and general bumbling nature.

We have had meals of such high quality (at an absolute pittance too – the best restaurant in Krakow for £40 in total, including wine) and such variety that Alec hasn’t even felt the least craving for Chinese food yet. (This is to be contrasted to our return from Budapest, where we spent the entire tube ride from Heathrow trying to decide which Chinese restaurant we’d rush to as soon as possible.)

Krakow itself has been great. The city centre’s got that usual European charm, but trekking along green fields and phallic rock formations in Ojcow National Park and being wowed in Wieliczka salt mine have been nice breaks from city strolling. Holocaust “sightseeing” can be harrowing but very worthwhile – we explored Kazimierz, walked over the river from that to the dingy factory building which would be completely unremarkable if Oskar Schindler hadn’t used it to save thousands of Jews, and yesterday, finally made the journey to Auschwitz.

All in all, this has been so fantastic I fear the cosmos have something bad planned for us in Prague. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hey,

    I hope your holiday draws to a beautiful close and your time in Prague went as swimmingly as it did in Krakow.

    You’re meeting up with friends tomorrow evening, right? Me being the one with the crap memory, block 6e isn’t what is used to be, I’ve forgotten where and when you’re meeting up. I vaguely remember it being in the Bloomsbury-ish area, but can’t remember the name of the pub. Would appreciate a text or e-mail to refresh my failing memory.

  2. Hi Mich … speaking of which, I’ll be late [at college on High Holborn till 9, but will be there like a shot after!]. Don’t know if you got my earlier message, what with the jet-set lifestyle and all

  3. Hi, just posting in order to put something more inventive on my link than my work website. Good to see you and Alec last night, hope you have a great few days, and a safe journey back.

  4. Ditto … by the way, it crossed my mind that I had no idea where you were staying while you were here and thought I’d offer you a place to stay on future visits. Not central, I know, but James and I are intending to ensure that our future place [moving in Sept] is near a district/picadilly line tube [ie. Turnham Green] and has a spare bed, if only of the sofabed variety.

  5. hey mich, are you back in london yet? if it isn’t too much, could you send me a text when you’re back? lovie yooey. my number is 07957962732.

  6. Hi Michelle (and Alec), similar sentiments to the young lady above – if you’re in the UK give me an email, would be good to catch up on ol’ times

  7. Michelle,

    I’ve been meaning to ask. The reference to a google search at the bottom of your April archives – how exactly did you find out that you were there? Were you using google to search for the phrase you allude to? Do you have friends who let you know you were there?

    Just a thought.

  8. Matt: My site counter shows the various ways in which people have arrived at my site, including URLs that have referred them to it. Google searches would show up in that way. A much more dependable way of finding out than relying on friends who actually search for “an1ma1 s3m3n mcflurry” to ‘fess up.

    Justyn and Shoop: Argh! That’s what happens when I organise meetups based mainly on the email addresses faffing around in my and Alec’s inboxes. (Of course, that’s also what happens when you don’t email me, or comment on this site, or remind me that you exist after being out of contact for ages…) Next time. :)

    Tamara: Many thanks for the offer of future accommodation, which I may well take up if a similar situation ever presents itself again (me being alone in London for a few days before Alec is able to meet me). Every little helps!

  9. michelle dear, sorry for being so incredibly muddled, but what’s your email? is it still i’m pretty sure you’ve changed your singapore mobile (or handphone!) number- so i can’t reach you that way either. you even moved to a new house! what a haphazard way of keeping in touch. i disapprove. =)

  10. Er, Shoop, if you just pass your mouse over my name, which is hyperlinked at the bottom of every post, you get, like, my email address? Please write with an update if you can! (I know PhDs are tough, so it’s OK if you can’t. Alternatively, search for me on MSN using the same email address.)

  11. i feel so stupid now! are you rolling your eyeballs at me now? or inflating those nostrils? =) i’m going to embark on project finding michelle, so hopefully we’ll catch up in a bit.

    *10 years later*

    ooh! i’ve added you to my msn. but you’re offline :( that makes me sad. i’ll write you anyway. don’t worry, phd students are the laziest bummers ever; so lots of time on this pair of hands.

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