I seem to have enjoyed this film less than many other people have. Set-pieces depicting the dogmatic preacher father, sex-researcher garden parties where they all talked about sex, and the closeminded colleague determined to hinder Kinsey felt very contrived. I also found the graphic montages of maps and faces they used to evoke the researchers’ interviews conducted across America rather pedestrian, though if they were (for some reason I am unaware of) trying to recreate the feel of a 70s documentary then I guess they succeeded.

Nevertheless, it was a good film in other respects – I thought Laura Linney was great, there was one seriously laugh-out-loud moment (I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll know it when it comes), and while it gave due recognition to the importance of Kinsey’s work, it also didn’t shy away from acknowledging that untrammelled sexual liberation can sometimes really fuck things up.