Keeping Up Appearances

Yesterday I went to the opening of a photography exhibition, because I am arty and sophisticated.

Then I accidentally dropped most of my goat’s cheese canape into my glass of red wine, because I am a klutz and a half.

And lastly, I marked this unfortunate occurrence by breaking out uncontrollably into a resounding “FUCK!”, because you really can’t take me anywhere.


  1. Oh God, that is SO totally the kind of thing I would do. (The other day we were having supper at a local kopitiam, and while trying to spice up my mee pok tah, some chilli flew into my eye, and the resultant — although justified, IMO — “FUCK!” did not win me ANY points from my irate parents. Oh dear.)

    Hey Michelle, I know I’ve never met you in person (that I can remember at least), but I’d like to meet you and Alec =) Elaine (Chow) tells me that you guys are pretty cool. My boyfriend (another BOOBS) is arriving in SG for a visit this coming weekend, and he wants to hit Harry’s on Saturday night for drinks and abandoned dancing, so I’m trying to round up people. =) Is there any chance you guys could make it for any part of the night?

  2. (Okay, in case this looks confusing to other people, the previous commenter is NOT the author of this blog, and the current commenter IS.)

    Sounds good, we might be indie-clubbing at Home but could easily pop down the river for some lindy-hopping as well! What time will you guys be at Harry’s?

  3. The band starts at 10, which is more or less when we’ll be there. Staying till… whenever. =) Hope to catch you this weekend then!!

  4. Ooooh, lindy hopping. Tempting, tempting, tempting. My friend and I are definitely headed to Poptart and he doesn’t lindy so… we’ll see whether I’m in any shape from running around the whole day to go and at least watch you guys dance. :)

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