Karma Debt

On Friday I watched a (magnificent) media preview of Mahler’s 8th symphony. The actual concerts on Saturday and Sunday had been sold out for weeks. Debbie was singing in the chorus, and managed to get me entry to this.

Tomorrow I am going to a Faye Wong concert, sitting in a $125 seat for which I will have paid $20. Esther is not using her tickets for some reason, and offered them to me.

After that I will be going to see Peter Kruder DJ at Zouk, for free, because Dominique is a member of the Heineken Green Room Sessions thingy (I’m not a member, never bothered to try and become one). I’m not actually a big fan of his, but the crucial point about getting into this for free is that I can also pop into Phuture for my hip-hop fix if I get bored.

None of this came about through any effort of mine, the offers mostly just dropped in my lap, and I took them up. I think I owe the cosmos a couple of random good deeds, and certain people some very fancy coffees at the very least.