Just So You Know

I just want to take this opportunity to say to anyone reading this who ever sees themselves doing anything remotely related to land in the UK, for God’s sake register it. Register the land, register whatever interest you have in it, and employ the best damn legal advice on the planet so that you don’t screw up, because at this point of time I hate everyone and everything ever connected with land registration, and if people didn’t keep making mistakes, I wouldn’t have to read all about their cases.

Oh yeah. If you ever fancy becoming a judge who judges land registration cases (you sad bastard), just kill yourself now. I recommend a blunt spoon, doused in sewage. Be creative.

As for the people who drafted the Law of Property Act, Land Registration Act and Land Charges Act, I curse you with acute and chronic acne, a lifetime of bad hair days, and a virulent case of the crabs. May every toilet you use have a floater in it. May your children speak with the eloquence of whoopee cushions.

Yes. I have completed one of the three essays. It was about land. It took the entire weekend. Saturday was sunny. I am bitter and vengeful.