Just A Minute From My Last Day

I did want to keep the travel entries going chronologically, but as Russ was driving me to the airport on my last day, we listened to Just A Minute in the car.

And if I wait till the last day’s journal entry to write about that, you’ll all miss the opportunity to hear Paul Merton talk on Sudoku for 59 seconds without the slightest idea what it is. Get there before a new show replaces it on Monday night!


  1. Nice – I heard that episode too. I really enjoy hearing Clement Freud speak. It doesn’t matter what he says, he has this deep, indifferent voice. If anyone was to tell me, for example, that my parents died, I’d want it to be Clement.

  2. Although I didn’t think that episode was hilarious as previous ones. I did love Paul Merton’s Sudoku bit. I’ve even recorded it for posterity because I love it so much.

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