Mr T Vs Everything is a repository of links to fictional fights between Mr T and, you guessed it, anything and everything. The complete shittiness of the Photoshopping involved in finding and altering pictures to storyboard the fight is part of the charm, as is the repetitive use of key elements such as youth centres, his helluva fast van, milk, and how far he can throw someone. There are too many fights to browse through, and most are really mediocre, but I think Mr T Vs Hitler, Mr T Vs Shakespeare, and intriguingly, Mr T Vs His Own Abstract Thoughts were a little above the morass.


  1. Hahahah! I was JUST about to ask something along those lines. It seems that the volume of her posts tend to be correlated with her need to study.

    It’s kinda opposite in the working world where there’s really no time when you have work and by the time you get home, you just don’t wanna stare at the computer anymore…but when you are idle, you have a computer in front of you all day that you have to sit in front of.

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