It Took A Lifespan With No Cellmate

One down, a lifetime more of heavy-lidded days to go. I’ve started work. Many rude shocks were involved with today. Waking up before noon. Being forced to use Internet Explorer, in which this blog looks like ass. (To everyone who views this site through IE, I’m not actually as mentally, structurally and aesthetically challenged as that browser makes this blog look.) Being told by my friend that my recent haircut, which I thought was subdued enough to help me blend into corporate zombiedom, is apparently still noticeably funky.

On the bus ride home I was trying to persuade myself to listen to happy harmonizing Northerners but found I was more in the mood for dark starburst guitars and a voice like a cracked slab of concrete. I know everyone says Antics sounds too much like Turn On The Bright Lights, but discussions on musical evolution and the sophomore album are really quite irrelevant when you’re teetering in a crowded bus with your iPod volume too high, heading home on the first day of the rest of your downhill life, because when the chorus hits in Evil, and Paul Banks announces “You’re WEIGHTless, you are exOTic, you need something for which to care” – for a moment, you almost forget where you are.


  1. Mich, I don’t know if this request sounds retarded, but for all of us still stuck in the Microsoft Age, could you post a screen cap of your blog as it appears on Mozilla? I mean, you seem to make a big enough deal about the difference for me to be pretty curious.

    As for work, I don’t know if this helps or makes things worse (sorry if it’s the latter), but one way to look at it is that at least you’ve forestalled the beginning of the end longer than most other girls in your cohort…

  2. I never noticed a difference in the layout. I use IE at work and Firefox at home. In general pages look nicer on Firefox tho’.

  3. Don: Given that I was too lazy to ever check how this site looked in IE, I’m definitely too lazy to post a screen-capture. Sorry. (And what you said about work makes things worse, but thanks for trying. :p )

    Kelly: I might just be obsessing too much because it’s my site. But I hate how the subcategory structure of my category archives is completely lost in IE, and I hate how the dotted lines become dashes, and I hate how the text is too big. Those are the main differences.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Am trespassing here via Mayee’s, so guess a belated greeting and well wishes would be due.

    It’s great that you brought up “Evil” here, it’s been on repeat on my ipod-and-rest-of-downhill-life-too for awhile.

    I’ve been dying to know if there is really a line there that goes: “And Hegel’s on trial.” Either I am really deaf, or I should seriously take a break from strange dead German men.

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