Is A Pity

Aw, hell naw. If I’d only known about Lambchop’s wonderful cover of Sisters Of Mercy’s This Corrosion before our wedding, it would totally have gone on the playlist. Don’t get me wrong, I loved ending the night dancing to Nina Simone with Alec, but words like “Gimme the ring, kissed and toll’d” would’ve been a fun counterpoint to soppy stuff like “I bless the day I found you”, even as wonderfully true as the latter may be. Future brides-to-be, don’t pass up the opportunity I missed!

(Based on what I wrote a while back about what I like and don’t like in cover versions, this song goes straight into the Complete Re-Imagining, OMG Awesome! category. Another direct entry is Grizzly Bear’s cover of He Hit Me It Felt Like A Kiss.)

(Endearing extra: The This Corrosion cover can be found on the bonus disc for Lambchop’s album Is A Woman. The bonus disc is called Is A Bonus.)

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