Introducing Orlando

This is Orlando. Orlando appeared out of nowhere on my family’s doorstep (it’s weird, either someone left him there deliberately or he had an uncanny ability to wander to where he would be totally pampered) about two weeks ago, with a very skinny body and distended belly. Since then, my family has fattened him into healthier kitten proportions, cleaned, de-fleaed, de-wormed and toilet-trained him, and he’s now in good condition to go to a loving home.

Update on 10 Dec 2007: Due to unforeseen circumstances of extreme cuteness, my family informed me over the weekend that my mother cannot bear to part with Orlando. As such, he is no longer up for adoption.

He’s a plucky little guy and has formed a sweet wrestle/play relationship with one of our other house cats Dinky who is about three times his size. He’s also incredibly friendly (the other three adult house cats aren’t anywhere as friendly to strangers) and does the whole sitting on your lap purring until he falls asleep thing, which will never get old, never never never.

He’s hard to photograph because if he sees the camera lens he runs right up and sticks his face in it, so I had to wait until he was distracted with something else.

If you read Cute Overload

…I believe this qualifies as an “ENH!”

I can haz pawburger?

Num num num.

Pwease adopt me!

Please leave a comment or email “name of this blog” at gmail if you can help little Orlando out, or know someone else who can. I’m absolutely dying to keep him for myself, but the flat where I now live with Alec isn’t very cat suitable.


  1. You KNOW I’d post a comment….be still my crazycatlady heart.

    I don’t know how you could give that up!

    I love that move cats do with their legs sticking up in the air and licking themselves. I (and my husband) wish I could do that.

  2. Jol: To give hatred where it’s due, Benny first suggested that name in the comments of one of the earlier cat posts. I’d probably have thought of it eventually too, no doubt, but I might as well pass this on since I’m likely to give you plenty more punny reasons to hate/love/hate me. :)

    Kelly: I gotta give him up, I can’t in good conscience keep him in a flat with such open windows and balcony where it’ll be pretty easy for him to fall out. Hoping I was just being paranoid, I asked my family what they thought and they don’t think I should take him either. :(

    Oh and for the licking pose, maybe do a Prince and remove some ribs?

  3. Having a cat would seriously flout HDB rules, but this cat is so cute that I am considering taking the risk of being evicted.

  4. Seething roiling hatelove for Benny then!

    I’d always thought it was Marilyn Manson who’s ribs were removed, but Snopes tells me this is untrue.

  5. That is one adorable cat! I’m not a fan of cats… in fact, I would have made the same comment James made, but I’m not a copycat either.

    I almost want to volunteer my parents, seeing as there must be an excess of love and care that clearly needs to be given to someone or something now that both my brother and I are no longer in Singapore, but the main reason why my family never had any pets other than goldfish is because we’re not home enough of the time to take care of them.

    And… why Orlando? I hate that name. Or rather, I hate the actor, and therefore, the name. Ugh.

  6. I hear you about the windows. We made sure we kept the windows shut when we left our HDB flat on the 6th floor and put up a make-shift grill when Zion was a kitten. Thankfully none of them ever jumped out…altho’ I’ve caught Zion standing precariously on the edge once and that freaked me out. I’ve had moments of dread when I thought I couldn’t find her in the house and apprehensively looked over the edge “just in case”. I love living on the ground floor now!

  7. Keep him. Seriously – cats do learn about the open window bit pretty fast. The number of cats jumping out windows is far lower than you think. I can hook you up with a cat welfare person if you like. The key part is keeping them away from the windows as kittens, while scaring them at least once by dangling them over the window. They catch on very very fast.

  8. Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances of extreme cuteness, my family informed me over the weekend that my mother cannot bear to part with Orlando. As such, he is no longer up for adoption.

    All the same, thanks very much to DW for the interest – sorry I didn’t get back to you, fell into a bit of a work pit.

    Dominique – my mum named him after some orange cat in a children’s book, also called Orlando. Since her previous naming of cats has been extremely…descriptive (Blacky, Sooty, Patches etc.)…we didn’t want to discourage this rare spark of creativity, so stuck with the name she chose.

  9. Since her previous naming of cats has been extremely…descriptive (Blacky, Sooty, Patches etc.)…

    I heartily approve. Milkdash and Warney only very narrowly escaped being Mr Bunnie and Ms Bunsie.

  10. “only very narrowly escaped being Mr Bunnie and Ms Bunsie.”

    Oh Jesus, I think I just tasted some of my own vomit.

    What is it with you women and naming things? Michelle is happy enough to laugh at her mother but in similar situations she is just as bad.

    For example, a few weeks ago, I’d been acting like a bit of a jerk and decided to buy Michelle a small present just to make amends.

    (Yes guys, I know, I’m now officially a fag.)

    Michelle: “I will call him Ugly.”

    Alec: “Amm dear, you can’t name him Ugly. He’s an uglydoll, so it’s kind of stupid to call him Ugly. See, it says so right here on the label.”

    Michelle: “……………!”

    Alec: “……oh, ahh yes, Ugly is a great name………for an uglydoll.”

    Michelle: “Yay! Ugly.”

    I should mention that, in her childhood, Michelle owned a toy dog which she named Tomy.

  11. Alec, YOU a jerk? Never!

    That is one bloody ugly doll.

    And puh-lease, it’s not just women that name things. Cue my husband who has given all our cats multiple names (Garciela aka Monster aka Meunster; Zion aka Zeen aka Scrumptious; Buddy aka Buddylicious; Slope aka Slopcious) and not to forget multiple nicknames to all his friends, Sir Alec.

  12. What… exactly… are… we looking at? Is it even supposed to resemble something? Haha.

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but i would have named him “Ugly” myself.


  13. Apologies for my comment about fags. I was a little carried away in the channeling of my ten year old self.
    Pei Ee: Over time I’ve learnt that Michelle sometimes forms unexplainable affections to ugly things.

  14. The last three comments raise some interesting issues. I wonder if anyone else is having difficulty deciphering exactly what these issues are?

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