Introducing Mark

Apologies to Mark aka Debating Underling aka My Bitch for causing his public humiliation in a computer room, where reading this site caused him to behave in a decidedly strange manner, eventually involving a loud snort.

A big thank you to him as well for being generally lovely and taking a bit of stress off me this week by agreeing to tackle the dastardly forces of Union bureaucracy to book rooms for a debating tournament we have to organize next academic year.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject: everyone say Hi, Mark. People who know me in real life, or perhaps people who’ve been reading this blog for a while, will know I dabble a bit in university debating, and write about it in here on occasion; when I do, a name that’s cropped up reasonably often has been Nick: debating partner, co-manager of the UCL Debating Society’s involvement in intervarsity debating, and great friend and wonderful company through it all.

Nick has, unfortunately, graduated and got himself a swanky job, but in his place enters Mark, who is Intervarsity Convenor and will definitely not be my underling, whatever I may say flippantly from time to time. (He might still be my bitch, though. We’ll see.)

So that’s a name that might appear here a little bit more in future. When you read “Mark is an utter twat” or “Mark is such an angel”, I’ll probably be referring to him, so now you know.