Incongruous Hair Day

Yesterday I was finally called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. I celebrated this momentous occasion by heading almost immediately to the hair salon, to get my hair cut and coloured such that any self-respecting judge would throw me out of his courtroom. (This is possible because I’m only starting work at my scholarship company in September, and it’s not a law firm.)

It was quite amusing when I left the hair salon, walking through Raffles Place in the evening with my ultra-conservative black and white court attire and my new hairdo, which is basically like the chick in Sinfest, plus bright purple streaks.


  1. Well done! :)

    (On the hair too – I highly admire people who can carry off hair like that!)


  2. Nat: My ability to carry off the hair is an entirely different matter from having it! But thank you. :)

  3. It sounds really cool and funky. Can you post a piccie so us non-singaporean types can have a look?

  4. I wanna see! I wanna see!

    Vince kept trying to convince me to cut my hair short while trimming mine. One day, he’ll tempt me to. He kept telling me “i like hair to FLOW, to FLOW”.

  5. I’d let you into my courtroom, Michelle. Is that why they never made me a judge?

  6. Suzy: I don’t put photos of myself here, but I’ll be in London in August, come to the pub (or manipulate Matt into organizing a barbie) and you’ll be able to see it for yourself! :)

    Kelly: Why the need for persuasion to go short? I think you’d look really lovely with a short funky haircut.

    John: Never mind, I’m sure there are plenty of wet T-shirt competitions out there which would be happy to have you.

    Russ: It’s so amusing how you instantly knew my priorities and which event of the day made me happiest!

    Thanks to everyone else for the congrats, it’s nice to finally be qualified for SOMETHING!

  7. The biggest problem with short hair is that it is relatively more high maintenance than long hair usually…ya gotta trim it often, etc. And then there’s the hair temperament which curls and sticks out in odd places when my hair gets short. I have decided to cut my hair short the moment I reach 35 anyway (long hair on older women looks so dated). Well, long hair now looks dated too lah. WIll probably do that the next round. After all, hair will go back…

    …on another note, you can always take a picture of the back of your head or something to show off the ‘do AND remain anonymous….unless you don’t even want people to recognise you from the back of your head…..

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