Inaugural Gooseflesh

I feel as if some meaningful commentary must be made on this first entry; this big toe gingerly dipped into the bloggy waters of Web “independent content”, or whatever damn buzzword they’ve dreamt up for it now.

Perhaps I should describe some sudden epiphany that prompts this decision to clamber onto an already teetering bandwagon. But nothing comes to mind. Nothing profound, anyway.

Right now I’m distracted by the mundane. I need to buy groceries, have dinner and get to my debating committee meeting by 6 pm. I need to wrestle with my conscience about whether to stay for the debate, which should be fun (This House Would Invade France) or go get some work done, which I should have done today but didn’t. And on a more fundamental and long term level, I need to think of some way to channel my disgust at my own laziness into something productive, instead of letting it melt away as it usually tends to do.

I think the message of the day, and of this first entry, is that the last thing I need is yet another inspired way of wasting time. But am I going to keep on doing this blogging thang? Hell yeah!