In Memoriam (Delfos Contemporary Dance)

Delfos Contemporary Dance’s In Memoriam presentation at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival was aimed at “broaching the topic of death through literary images”. I have not quoted this description of it as a preface to my exhaustive and learned analysis of the various literary images employed, but have simply co-opted it as adequate setup to say that despite my worst fears, this performance thankfully didn’t end up as a tale of two shitties.

The first half was fairly abstract, with few props used apart from paper boats, a tiny red fluttery bird thing, and mist. It relied mostly on the considerable skill of its dancers and the passionate dynamism of its choreography, and was really quite captivating.

The second half involved a man wearing nothing except a tiny G-string being guided towards a huge animated butterfly on a screen by two women wearing butterfly headdresses.

Guess which half was shitty.

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