I’m Sorry, I Was Somewhere Else

Something has been wrong. Over the past few days I’ve been grouchy, boring, incapable of holding up my end of conversations, and have generally found any sort of interaction with most of the world extremely annoying. (My smart-arse friends will probably send reassuring emails telling me nothing was different, but give me the benefit of the doubt for now.)

It started with a rut on Thursday due to sudden panic about time passing and my brain remaining empty of Masters-related knowledge, and frustration with my lack of ability to get out of bed before noon. It then passed into a weird dreamy antisocialness, going through the day with minimal mental engagement with the world around me. Like I’d switched off cognition and gone on autopilot. I think the major point I want to make is that if you’re someone who’s interacted with me in the past few days, I’m sorry, I was somewhere else.

I think I’m back now, though.