I’m Shorty, It’s My Birthday

As I mentioned before, I’ll be out and about this weekend following 50 Cent’s command, which will be great after two spent in confinement. (To anyone who’s just surfed over from Mr Miyagi, I’m not Zoe Tay, I just had chicken pox).

So if you happen to be at the Tortoise gig tonight, or watching Chicks On Speed tomorrow night at Zouk, or at Mox on Saturday for RNDM, or Zouk for Grandmaster Flash after that, come wish me happy birthday!

Perhaps you wonder how you’ll recognise me, given that I don’t have a picture of myself on this blog. Easy – just look out for a hot girl, funkily dressed and surrounded by adoring men. That’s not me. But it might well be my friend Ida or my friend Kelly, so then you can ask them to point me out.


  1. Hullo! Not even sure if you’d want to know, but yes, the CAP Alum having revived itself is planning several exciting activities like, a CAP outing on the 19th (which might sneakily end in the MOSIAC concert…or not. ;p ) and an April Fool’s party which is NOT (contrary to popular belief) just a joke! :P If you’re interested, do let us know! (Call Luke! Or Dennis! 97875870. or me! 94874155) It is an open event, yup!

  2. Happy Birthday, my dear! I hope to be back at lindy on the Thursday after Easter, so maybe I’ll see you and Alec then. :)

  3. another “happy birthday!” from someone who doesn’t know you very well, but loves your blog for its lively discussions and delightful humour! :) have a great one!

  4. Happy Birthday to ya!!!

    (errr…. belatedly) oh and Hope you had a nice St. Patricks day too.

  5. (Kelly: She just had a baby, and is observing traditional Chinese confinement practices. For some reason this is very interesting to the media.)

  6. maybe it’s the idea that someone in Singapore will voluntarily not bathe for a month…

  7. Happy birthday! I’m glad you had a blast. I never knew you were that close to Ida (assuming it’s the Ida from RJ Debate who went out with Vikram)…

  8. Thanks Xue. :) But as far as I’m aware, Ida never went out with Vikram. I think you may have mixed her up with someone else.

  9. Hey Mich,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I tried to send you a card from Madrid, but was wholly unconvinced by whether it was heading the right way around the globe. Hope it was good!

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