Im In Ur Inbox, Luring U To Ur Death

You may already be aware of my penchant for deliberately creeping myself out from time to time. As luck would have it, Alec is away on yet another business trip, I’m alone in our home, and I’ve just discovered the Dionaea House.

At this point I should salvage some dignity by saying my reason for linking it here isn’t actually because I find it that scary, but I definitely enjoyed the read, and based on the fun discussion that took place in the comments for my scary movie entry it seems that some of you might like it too. It’s good even if you’ve already read House of Leaves but I guess better if you haven’t.

If you’re not big into scary movies but have a literary interest in innovative Internet-based narratives, it’s also worth reading. I know Blair Witch did it first, but the technique hasn’t got old for me yet. (Also linked here for sake of completeness – Ted’s Caving Page.)

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