I’m Channelling Toni Braxton As You Read This

It’s extremely flattering when someone as cool as ci’en refers to you as her “indie lawyer ou xiang” (Mandarin for “idol”), but these past few days the reality has been rather un-idyllic. I tried to write a rant about it, but confidentiality obligations and the law of defamation kept getting in the way.

In marked contrast to my usual activity-filled weekends, today brought some very welcome quiet time, at least for me. I woke up at noon, had a lazy lunch and caught up with my Internet surfing, occasionally sparing a compassionate thought for Alec, who spent the afternoon at Fort Canning lifting kids on and off horses (fundraising for Riding For The Disabled).

Dinner at Werner’s Oven, which wasn’t particularly notable except for the very fair price of their Erdinger. Then back home for lounging and American Splendor, which was delightful.

Tomorrow we have no plans apart from cooking dinner for my family.

Breathing is so nice.