If Soliciting Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

A long time ago, I decided that when this site got an average of 50 hits a day, I’d try the comments thing. It’s been getting those numbers for a while now (thank you Google sex perverts), so I decided what the hell, I have only my sense of self-worth to lose.

Therefore please note the additional linky thing in the bottom left corner of each post, and do comment if the spirit moves you to. If those brackets keep telling me zero, I’ll get all insecure, and cry. And then I’ll start posting really offensive contentious stuff, like “You readers suck buffalo cock!” (hello again, Google sex perverts), or “Postmodernism is crap. Discuss,” and we really don’t want anything like that to happen, do we?

[Note: This was posted when I was still using Blogger, and hosted my comments on enetation. The original post, and the hilarious comments made in response to it, are unfortunately lost in the mists of time.]