I want to meet Mick too

Meeting Mick is a Telegraph article featuring quotes from various people about Mick Jagger. These were some of my favourites:

Barbara Charone (ex-Stones press officer)

‘One evening several EMI executives came to the studio to meet the Stones and listen to their first album for EMI Europe. One resembled a bank manager while the other had perfected the record company corporate image of what is hip. Jagger played them a 50-minute version of a reggae song called ‘Jah Wonderful’, seriously insisting it was the album. “Actually,” Jagger comforted the bank manager-type, “we could cut it down to 45 minutes.”‘

Toby Young (author)

‘I “snogged” and later took out a girl who gently explained to me that she couldn’t really get involved with me because she was involved with another man, an extremely famous and virile man who had a bit of a reputation as a ladies’ man but whose friends had all told her that it was different with her, serious. She said he had “the sexual stamina of a 17-year-old boy.” Then to my shock it turned out that the third corner of this love triangle was Mick Jagger. Passed over for a grandfather – bit of a blow.’

Paul Robinson (insurance salesman)

‘I was a spectator at Trent Bridge and saw Mick in the bar and went up to him to try and get an autograph. I said, “Excuse me, Mr Jagger, but would you…” And he jumped to his feet and said, “…Have the next dance?” and proceeded to waltz me around the room.’


  1. LMAO about the last quote.

    Oh Michelle, I miss being able to laugh boisterously around you knowing that our brains are laughing on the same wavelength. :-)

    Congrats on the Moot thing. They’ve got reason to pick you, so remind yourself that whilst in your foetal position under your desk gently rocking back and forth.

    Missing your wit in e-mail form. Holla back when you can.

  2. I think Toby Young’s girl was just letting him down gently.

    He looks like a foetus with the face of a smacked arse.

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