I Remember +353

We’re off to Kyoto, Miyajima and Takayama from tonight till next Monday for a much needed holiday.

I kept meaning to share Popagandhi’s wonderful post The Country Codes My Girlfriend And I Have Known with you from when I read and loved it last week, but tonight is still a pretty good time. It still gives me a real kick to actually walk through departure gates with Alec, as opposed to waving dolefully to each other separated by glass.

Bonus little blip of enjoyment: if you haven’t already heard Dengue Fever’s Tiger Phone Card[1. Second best song on Venus On Earth, which is otherwise rather patchy. Here’s the best song, Seeing Hands.], it complements the read really well.


  1. I read that article you referenced. It reminded me of good and bad bits of similar experiences. You must still be very glad that your man is on the right continent now, or at least, the same continent you are on, if right or not.

    By the way, can I ask you to move my link to the homepage? Following your lead, I’ve tweaked, and decided the blog is best on the front of the site.

    Hope all is well in Singapore. It’s getting bloody cold here. I want to move to the tropics!

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