I Put My Thing Down Flip It And Reverse It

Apart from the awesome Velbon travel tripod, Alec also gave me private DJ lessons with DJ Koflow for Christmas. (We aren’t normally this lavish, but for our first Christmas as husband and wife we decided to spoil each other a bit. Also we hadn’t given each other any birthday presents that year.)

It’s taken me a while to find time for the lessons but they’re finally set up, and I meet Koflow for my first private lesson this Saturday afternoon. Am a bit nervous, and acutely aware that my inability to keep up with new music over the last few years has hit my hip-hop listening especially hard.

Still, I’m very excited – despite years of enjoying and clubbing to great dance music, I’ve remained largely ignorant about the mechanics of DJing and now I finally get the chance to learn me some skillz! You know, like when Ice says “Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it”? Soon that could be me, baby.


  1. Nice one Michelle. Had a go at this a while ago. You probably know a few people with decks which should be helpful. I’d love to get some practice time but don’t have the money.

  2. I do know a few people with decks, but feel a bit shy about descending upon them and inflicting my bad beat matching on their living rooms. I might still get shameless enough to ask though, I totally can’t wait for next week’s lesson and really want to get some practice in between.

  3. So far, I’ve learnt beat matching and various scratch patterns. The lessons are great fun but pretty challenging – I swear learning the violin was way easier, though perhaps being 7 years old helped.

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