I Love The Smell Of Name Maul In The Morning

Mauling #1:
Alec: So who’s at Zouk on Friday night? Chicks In Chains, is it?
Me: Speed. Chicks On Speed.
Alec: Oh. Heh. Freudian slip, sorry.

Mauling #2:
Alec, pointing to the big screen in Raffles Place: Oh, it’s that guy again. Michael something. Balloon. Bubble.
Me: Boo-blay. Michael Buble.
Alec: Oh.
Me: Why would anyone be called Michael Bubble?
Alec: I thought maybe it was a wacky stage name.

I live in fear as to what the man will maul next. One would think that for someone from a country where people have names like Caoilfhionn, he would be a bit better with simple English stuff.

Maybe I should tell him we’re seeing “Flashmaster Grand” on Saturday, just as an experiment.


  1. I say, you guys should dress up in theme of the name maulings…e.g. dress in matching leather and appear handcuffed to each other tonight, and wear a big trench coat with nothing underneath tomorrow night. It’d be a hoot for a great birthday weekend! Really.

    P.S. If I’d seen the name “Buble”, I’d have said “bubble” too. It’s not silly. Michael and Bubbles! That sounds familiar!

  2. That’s from Beavis And Butthead I think. They used be surfing channels going through all these crap grunge songs and then they’d get to some hair metal and be like “Yeah.. yeeaaaaa-ah! chicks in chains! Uh-huh.. huh.”

  3. Wow James, all this study seems to have you sharp as a pin. Good to know that all that important information isn’t shoving out all the trivial bits.

  4. Oops, didn’t mean to sound sarcastic.

    It really do enjoy popping references to obscure comedy series, Calvin and Hobbes comics or ‘Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’ (its an Irish thing) and knowing that James will recognise them.

    Maybe this happens only to me, but I find that when I spend lots of time around someone, we inevitably evolve a particular shared sense of humour. Michelle and I have these self-characture personas which we play around with. With some English friends I affect ultra conservative views and prejudices. And I seem to remember a running joke in my childhood where I was the grand master of the Ku Klux Klan. Hmm, what would my klan make of me now?

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