I Love I Love Music

I think it’s only right given that I’m managing to waste vast swathes of time at a hitherto unimaginable level on the Internet rather than study for my impending exams, that I showcase a site that has been helping me do that.

The I Love Music blog is where I go to find people I’ve hardly ever managed to meet in real life (except Benny, Jeremy, Marten and Michael B, who are now either in different countries or just not particularly accessible) – who are as obsessive about music as me, with similar or far wider eclecticism, but also have a sense of humour and perspective and are not smug loser cocks.

From a thread on Missy Elliot’s Work It:

Imagine the child of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.
— Dan Perry, September 6th, 2002.

a sexy fat guy with dreads in a megaman costume who can’t flow?
— Josh, September 6th, 2002.

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