Hungry Eyes

Cat under parked car

At the Ponggol Nasi Lemak branch in Tanjong Katong, there is always a little cat that darts and scurries under and in between the parked cars in hope of scraps from the tables of the pavement diners. He keeps his distance and isn’t as insistent as strays elsewhere can be, but there’s no questioning what he’s after. I took the photo on the left while waiting for Alec to bring back our plates of nasi lemak.

There he is again, eying my newly arrived nasi lemak:


  1. waaaahh lauuu…I also have hungry eyes!!! Man, I can’t even remember the last time I had a good plate of nasi lemak. That cat’s expression is spot on! Did you end up leaving him/her something?

  2. Kelly: I must admit I forgot to feed him anything after taking that photo. It was really late, and I was exhausted and starving. *blush*

    James: Whatsoevah u do to the least of kittehs, u has done to Ceiling Cat. Catthew 25:40

    Benny: Surely you should sign off here as “Benneh”.

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