How You Gonna Have A Dream Come Truuuue?

And so, on Friday, my life as a student finally ended. As usual, given that I’d had about two hours’ sleep the night before, I didn’t mark the end of exams with anything even vaguely hedonistic. I had a nice lunch with my mum, went to the library (due to exam stress there was a ONE WEEK period where I didn’t have any library books out, and it was terrible. I filled the void by rereading Watchmen, but I always like having something new and sexy along with my old comfy reads) and then to Waraku where I enjoyed ordering my first kaminabe (yes, I still find silly coincidences of language like this funny).

Apart from my fuck-yo-mamma steamboat, I was pleased to find a selection of “froats” in their drinks menu. (Edit: Picture added! Here.) After considering the charms of various froats, I eventually made the mistake of choosing alcohol instead and going with an oolong tea-maccha liqueur mix, which tasted like Pokka green tea I could buy from 7-11 except that it cost about 8 times the price. Ida ordered a dessert called “Pear for the Voluptuous” and I made a cruel joke. At one point the conversation turned to dreams. I said I often dreamt about my teeth falling out, and everyone was certain it meant something, though they weren’t sure what. I said I often dreamt about being chased by a shadowy figure, and everyone was certain it meant something, though they weren’t sure what. Then Fay said she had dreamt about being chased by the shadow of a penis.


  1. I dream boiut he teeth too, they’re fucking cunning, i realised they were dreams and so my brain outsmarted me and had me wake up from a dream with hte teeth into a real dream with te teeth. pissed me off mna. sorry about tpyos, had a bit t drink.

  2. Well, they’re over then. I hesitate to say congratulations since I don’t think that’s quite right, but you know what I mean.

    The teeth falling out thing — it’s related to you having concerns about your future. I’ve had dreams like that before and the explanation explained a lot.


  3. One of my coolest dreams ever had me putting on mascara…with each brush, my eyelashes would grow longer and longer (I think I was probably watching a Lengthening Mascara ad before I slept), until my lashes hung to my chin and dropped my eyelids…not sure what happened afterward or what it meant.

  4. …oh and I forgot to comment on the post…


    Welcome to the working world now (when do you start?) where more hours will face you….mwhahahaha

  5. Hey, well done. I must admit to be drowning in envy, what with 3 exams looming over me in the next fortnight, but well done you .. [as sincere as I can make it]

    thought of you yesterday when I was in Waterstones and noticed that there was a 3 for 2 on all Graham Greene – any recommendations?

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