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Alec is in Sydney on a business trip, and is spoiling me as usual by offering to buy me some records. While he did a pretty decent job of choosing stuff on his own the last time, picking music for someone else really is a tough job (even when that someone isn’t the picky, snobbish bitch I am) and I wanted to make it easier on him this time by giving him a usable list. A little Googling led me to The Record Store, which usefully lists some of its inventory online, so I looked through what they had, made my list and emailed it off to him.

I looked through the list again today, and suddenly realized that I’ve inadvertently set Alec up for a Simpsonsesque conversation with the record store staff, like so:

Hee. I do feel a bit bad about this, but I figure he should just be grateful I’m not into DJ Assault. Also, not all the records on my list have such loaded titles. Some are totally un-embarrassing to ask for, like Humpty Dance.


  1. I’d like to strongly recommend JB Hi Fi, which is, if memory serves, down an Escalator on Pitt Street, about 100m south of Pitt Street Mall.

    He should also try and get one of those hats with the corks on.

  2. Unfortunately, the store was having a sale so other people beat Alec to the cut-price Hot Sex On A Platter, Hustler and Hardcore Girls. He still scored me some Ganja though (and other less interestingly named records).

    I did tell him that my dearest wish was for a little koala made of flammable-looking artificial fur, which clasps your pencil as you write and may or may not be wearing a jumper printed with the Australian flag. But I am told this is a very rare souvenir due to the exquisite craftsmanship which goes into each individually hand-sewn piece, so I didn’t get one.

  3. I’ve got that pencil! I don’t remember if it got packed up when we moved last year though.

    Sorry, nothing more to add, really. Just the pencil thing.

  4. Just needed to add that the pencil was given to me, and not something I decided to purchase for myself, in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

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