Hitting The Fan

I have 23 hours in which to research and write my essay.

After that I have 5 hours in which to recover and prepare a tutorial.

After that I have to decide whether to meet a friend who’s come down from Oxford for dinner, or go for choir practice, or go for a revision tutorial directly after my first tutorial.

After that I have to go to Anju’s house-warming party and then get to Turnmills by 10.30 to meet Nick, Vish and Vish’s horde of friends so we can get in on the VIP list.

Once in there I have to summon up the energy to actually dance.

At some point during the weekend I have to meet Victoria to prepare for our client interviewing competition. I also want to meet up with Luke and Walter while they’re in London over their Thanksgiving holiday.

At some point I also have to do a seminar and a tutorial for Monday.

At some point I also have to do the two criminal law essays that everyone else handed in two weeks ago.

Oh, shit.