Happy! Productive!

I am not a happy bunny, but this is because I am not a bunny.

I am, however, happy.

This sudden but perhaps cryptically expressed happiness was born out of yesterday’s disgust with myself for exemplifying that modern maxim about the amount of work you can do expanding to fill up the available time you have. I took the entire day to do a reasonably simple essay, just because I kept taking very long breaks to do very irrelevant things. After handing my essay in with one minute to go, I resolved that this could not go on and something had to be done.

That something was…another visit to Impulse, and more CDs bought. :P
Olivia Tremor Control: Dusk At Cubist Castle (£4.99)
Wagon Christ: Tally Ho (£5.99)
Major Force West: 93-97 (£6.99) – this one was for Russ, not me. I’m not particularly into them.
E: Broken Toy Box (£3.99)

Having done that, I then zipped through Budgens, had a frugal and rather uninspired dinner of instant noodles (Bachelor’s, on special offer, bacon flavoured. What the hell was I thinking…) and sweet corn (Green Giant! Green Giant!), and then went to the library, where I printed off cases and did photocopying. I admit that all of this activity was pretty much as mindless as my earlier compulsive Minesweeping, but at least it was relevantly and productively mindless.

The real breakthrough came when I got back. I sat down. Looked through my file. There was a tutorial, to be done for Thursday. I did it.

I think I really need to emphasize just how groundbreaking that is for me. I’m talking tickertape parades, honorary doctorates, and vast numbers of intelligentattractiveemotionallyaccessiblebutstillmanlyandit
wouldreallybegreatiftheylovedSonicYouthtoo men lining up offering their love, lives and sexual favours.

I got to bed at 2, but couldn’t sleep till 4 because of the general confusion of my much beleaguered body clock, and the hacking cough that’s embarassing during the day and downright annoying whenever I lie down. And woke up this morning in time for breakfast! I got to the bank and paid my credit card bill before going for my property law seminar. While I’m in there waiting for it to start (yup, I got there with time to spare), Esther walks in, so it’s okay, hi Esther. And then who walks in behind her but Jeremy, who’s usually in Philadelphia! So, “what the hell are you doing here??!”, and I find out he’s on stopover en route back to Philly, and the next thing he says is that he’s got some CDs for me and he takes out Xen Cuts, Solesides Greatest Bumps, and Modest Mouse’s The Moon And Antarctica. A Kid Koala too, which was just on loan, but I’m not complaining. So Jeremy, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You are a benefactor and then some.

I have to get out of the computer room to go find useful things to do so I can maintain this happy streak.