Happy Birthday Russ

Those of you who’ve been reading this site for a while will have come across references to Russ, my best friend in this country, and a prominent feature on my worldwide list as well. It’s his birthday today.

Most of what I’ve written here about Russ doesn’t really do much to sum him up in any substantial way, but what I think it does reflect is the fact that he’s a constant in my life in this country, a touchstone of sorts. A listener. A confider. An honest but understanding critic. A renderer of invaluable practical assistance. A source of comfortable companionship. A crucial causative factor in my future death from mobile phone overuse-induced brain cancer…

Due to my general uselessness these past few days, I haven’t managed to get him anything yet. But what I can manage for today, which admittedly isn’t much, is this:

Various Aspects Of Russ As Seen In This Blog:

Tech Support Russ

Moral Support Russ

Rower Russ

Christmas at Russ’s.

Russ Invades.

Addiction Warner Russ

Freaky Telepathic Russ

Paris with Russ

Photographer Russ

Reassuring Presence Russ

Very Tired Russ (on my 21st birthday)

Giver Of Wonderful Birthday Presents Russ

Miscellaneous Time Wasting With Russ

Happy birthday, Russ. :)