Half Empty, Half Full

The idealist in me is overjoyed that the stranger who found Alec’s lost library book returned it to the library, thereby saving him from having to pay the library for it. Very much the proverbial random act of kindness, for which we are both grateful.

The cynic in me wonders if things would have turned out differently had the book been The Da Vinci Code/The Alchemist/Harry Potter (or any other huge bestseller) instead of Maupassant’s Pierre Et Jean.


  1. Patrick lost a SG library book in Las Vegas. Well, he claims it’s not “lost” per se because he knew where it was, in the rental car. He had to pay about $30 to replace that book. He also claims he will now get to keep a good book (forgot which) for that price, because he called the rental place and they told him they’ll keep it for him till he returns in August. It’d be interesting to see if he really gets it back to SG. I’d wanna keep it just to tell the story. Or write the story, The Tales of the Singapore Library Book that Travelled Round A Rental Car in Vegas. Final chapter will be called Leavin’ Las Vegas, Hor.

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