Gyrating For Jesus: A Pow-Ka-Leow Guide To Sun Ho’s Greatest “Hits”

It’s easy to jump to conclusions about the guilt of the City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders, but I’m not going to do that here. Instead, I’ve decided to engage in the admittedly snarkastic exercise of listening to every English release by Sun Ho which I could find on Youtube, to see if the quality, content and success of her music could ever have justified the expenditure of S$23 million, authorized or not.

(For those unfamiliar with the backstory, City Harvest is a hugely rich megachurch in Singapore, founded by pastor Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho (once described as a “music pastor”). Several of its leaders, including Kong Hee, have just been charged with committing criminal breaches of trust and falsifying accounts regarding the use of church funds. In particular, S$23 million worth of church funds was purportedly misused to fund the “Crossover Project”, an initiative started by Kong Hee and Sun Ho to use Sun’s secular music to reach out to non-Christians. Sun has been trying to launch a US-based secular music career since 2003.)

#1 Dance Hits Which You’d Never Remember Dancing To

Given that you can usually find almost anything ever committed to recordable media on Youtube on the basis that someone somewhere somehow thought it was significant enough to upload and share with the world, I was surprised to discover no trace there whatsoever of Sun’s debut American single, “Where Did Love Go”. For a song produced by David Foster which reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play “Breakout” Chart in 2003, its “breakout” impact appears to have been short-lived. Sun’s management should address this problem by making it available on Youtube ASAP – it could, after all, rake in a few hundred accidental views from non-Christian lazy typists who were looking for the Supremes’ classic.

After this disappointing start, I was relieved to find some clues as to what Sun’s other “#1 dance hits” may have sounded like: one remix of “One With You”, two of “Without Love”, one use of “Gone” as backing track to an optimistically-titled montage of “international star Sun Ho” at US Fashion Week 2006, and three – wow, three! – remixes of Ends of the Earth.

There is little to be said about any of these songs. The tunes are forgettable, Sun’s vocals insipid, none of the songs have any discernable lyrical connections with Christian beliefs or morality beyond pedestrian references to love, and whether you like them or not will largely depend on your tastes in dance music and the abilities of the producer/remixer. One also wonders why anyone would see generic Eurodance as a good way of spreading the gospel in the US music industry in the first place. Perhaps the Crossover Project thought this is what gay clubbers like listening to.

Sadly, we’ve already reached the high point of Sun’s US chart success. But let us not waste any more time here. The low points yet to come are far more entertaining.

In God We Thrust: “China Wine” (2007)


“China Wine” was released in 2007, the same year that the misuse of funds allegedly began. I couldn’t possibly guess at how people with actual Caribbean music credibility like Wyclef Jean, Tony Matterhorn and Elephant Man were recruited to collaborate on the song, or why a famous MV director like Wayne Isham would have any interest in doing the video. I guess they must all have been big fans of Sun’s Eurodance work.

(It’s easier to appreciate the WTFness of this song if you’re already familiar with certain dancehall music references, so let me quickly explain that “wine” in the dancehall context doesn’t refer to the Blood of Christ but to gyration of the hips, and that the “dutty wine” is a well-known dance move where you whip your hair around while gyrating your hips.)

“In China,” Sun claims, “we luv da dutty wine so much dat we mix it with de China wine”. So basically, the song is about cross-cultural hip-gyrating. I’m not seeing a clear Christian connection there, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out if I think hard enough – oh hey, maybe this is how Jesus partied it up at the wedding in Cana! CANA WINE! CANA WINE!

dancing Jesus gif

Elsewhere in the song, Sun exhorts girls to “sing from the hoo-has”, Tony Matterhorn namedrops fashion designer Ed Hardy (Sun’s company is the exclusive distributor of Ed Hardy clothing in Singapore), and Elephant Man suggests that Sun’s gyratory skills (“so she do it fast, now she do it slow”) can make something dead grow. He is probably not referring to the Resurrection.

Out of the clusterfuck of nonsequiturs that make up this song, the biggest one may be why the hell a Singaporean is calling herself “Geisha” to sing a song about how much “we” in “China” love to dutty wine. Perhaps Sun hit her head after being slain in the Spirit one day and it affected her geographical knowledge.

They Call It Murrrrdaaaa[1. Apologies to Damian Marley and Ini Kamoze for associating them with this bilge.]: “Mr Bill” (2009)


It is baffling to think that anyone looking back at “China Wine” two years later could have regarded reggae as an ideal musical direction for Sun to continue in, but maybe Wyclef’s weed[2. c.f. Tony Matterhorn’s “China Wine” verse where he asks Wyclef to “passa blem”.] was just that good. “Mr Bill” is certainly more mellow than “China Wine” – except, of course, for some minor lyrical hostility involving Sun’s decidedly unmellow impulses to murder her cheating man.

Still rather confused about exactly where she is from in Asia, Sun aka “Geisha” begins the video by berating her man in Mandarin for lying to her. At times during the song, her attempts to deliver her lines with a ragga-tinged lilt are so inept that she might as well be speaking in tongues. And the less said about her dancing the better, except for letting you know that in or around the same time that this song came out, she was training with superfamous choreographer Marty Kudelka in her lavish Hollywood Hills home. Let’s add “groove” to the list of things that S$23 million still can’t buy, although it’s nice to know that Sun enjoyed 29,000 square feet (at US$20,000/month) worth of space to practice her flailing in. 

Fakey Gaga: “Fancy Free” (2009)


Following the disappointing failure of “China Wine” and “Mr Bill” to get the world pelvic thrusting for Christ, Project Crossover must have come up with a new strategy for “Fancy Free” to make its mark in a 2009 pop music landscape dominated by Lady Gaga. But simply writing a knockoff Gaga song is for poor schmucks who don’t have S$23 million to spend. If you’re funded by Project Crossover, on the other hand, you can also get what looks like a pretty expensive video directed by a hot shot MV director who’s already done Gaga videos, and employ Gaga’s then-choreographer Laurieann Gibson, just to leave nothing to chance.

Pity about the inconvenient fact that Sun ain’t Gaga. After several years of trying to make it in the American music industry, there’s still nothing that distinguishes “Fancy Free” from a Paris Hilton vanity project, except that the Hiltons never promised their hotel guests that no Hilton revenues were used to fund Paris’s singing career.[3. ”In 2003, an individual alleged in the media that the charity was funding Sun Ho’s music career. However, this individual eventually issued a public apology and retracted his allegations. Facing media scrutiny, City Harvest issued press statements, as well as representations to its church members, that they had not funded Sun Ho’s career.” – Asiaone]

And if you were hoping that Christian messages in Sun’s music might finally have emerged by now, with “fancy free” possibly referring to some sort of detachment from material goods, you obviously need to bone up on your core megachurch doctrines. Sun wakes up “feeling like a millionaire”! Which is pretty easy if you’re either waking up in a LA mansion or a S$9.3m Sentosa Cove penthouse!

Cringeworthy hubris reaches its peak when Sun trills “Feels just like I’m on a shooting star / Made my wish to be a superstar”. It’s like saying you wish you could buy a Birkin when you can already afford to buy 2,300 of them, if you could only find a shop that respected you enough to sell them to you. Also, it appears that even long-ridiculed boy band tropes like rhyming “fire” with “desire” are too sophisticated for a song which rhymes “star” with……”star”.

A Conclusion And Some Parting Insults

Pages more could be written to deconstruct the multiple levels of epic fail in Sun Ho’s US music career, but there’s only so much torture I can take and I’m pretty much already at the point of uttering “Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?” So I will leave you with two last atrocities, and thank God for small mercies that they are only available in short preview clips. (Things seem to have gone suddenly quiet on the Sun music front just before the initial complaints against CHC surfaced in 2010.)

First up, “Hollaback Girl” oh sorry I meantCause A Ruckus” is Sun’s clubbing manifesto. Clad in shades and her “tight wifebeater”, she urges you to “leave your do’s and don’ts at home”. I was under the impression that the 10 Commandments are applicable everywhere, but what do I know, I’m not a pastor’s wife. Sun later contradicts herself with a command to “Do what I do,” which is rather alarming when followed by the tally of “one Tom, two Tom, three Tom, now four”. Which is a worse sin, fornication or bad pronunciation? But don’t worry, Sun, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless your US$100,000 media team[4. “In or around April 2009, a plan was conceptualised by Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han, Serina Wee Gek Yin and Tan Shao Yuen Sharon to transfer monies amounting to $600,000 donated by Wahju Hanafi to the Charity’s Building Fund via a “refund” of Building Fund donations into the MPA to meet some funding needs of the Project, which included US$100,000 (S$128,000) to finance a media team from Singapore to publicise and write about Sun Ho’s music career in the United States.” – Asiaone.] uploads your gluttony to Youtube.

Like I said at the start of this post, I am not in a position to judge whether the channelling of S$23 million from CHC funds in support of Sun’s US music career was properly or improperly done. However, after suffering through what that S$23 million might have paid for, I’m inclined to state that even if every single CHC member wrote in their own blood that their tithes should be spent on Sun’s US music career, the question remains how anyone keeping track of this musical turd parade could possibly believe it to be pursuing or achieving the goals of Project Crossover. I have no answer for this question, but perhaps Sun does. Enjoy the last clip.

If you are interested in this issue, you may want to read my follow-up post: Kong Hee Kong Si Mi??! Towkay Jesus and the Calvin Klein Crucifixion.


  1. The very first memory I had of Sun Ho was back when I was a kid and flipping through the papers, with this ad proclaiming her to be ‘Singapore’s biggest superstar’. And I thought “Um, that’s Stef Sun. And WHY are you copying her name, you skanke?”

    It’s all gone downhill ever since. Anyway, great read. China Wine and Mr. Bill might actually be alright songs if Sun was completely excised from them.

  2. Utterly marvellous, I can feel the hate and insults. Bravo, fellow hater. What a huge orgy of hate this US$23M has borne. Whether it’s the money well spent for the devil or for Christ remains to be seen, but this is socially acceptable porno for sure.

  3. I’m not the only one who thinks they deserve it, I see =D And it’s a well-written opinion of Sun Ho. Her music is uhh… I reserve my comments.

  4. Great read! I barely registered Sun Ho’s existence till the recent news broke; now I see that I hadn’t missed anything but a few epic facepalms.

  5. you know, everyone keeps saying she had 4 no.1 billboard dance hits. but the billboard website lists her as UNCHARTED. i really cannot find any evidence of her so-called no.1s. another lie?

  6. How apt calling their long, expensive, bad ego trip a musical turd parade.
    Referring to her as ‘Singapore’s biggest superstar’ is an insult to ‘filmstar’ Annabel Chong. Kong Hee and fellow dreamers pilfered church funds from donors to pay for her pretensions. Annabel at least entertained with her ‘talents’ and was paid.

  7. U jealous of someone’s success eh?
    Jesus even sit, eat and welcome sinners yet Jesus didn’t become like them. Did Sun become like one of them though she performed with them? Do you even regularly attend CHC?
    You’re going too far.

    1. Waw…u sound like whole CHC only got 1 person can sing and dance….i am involved in talent hunt…and one of the rule we use is to look for young one like less than 20…she is like 30s when that happen? to us, its over….just wondering why chc never have any talent hunt to look for the next sun if they dead serious of what they want to do in p. crossover….like who thousands of people in chc only can have 1 sun….my my…must be real gifted huh.

  8. I wish they have another Crossover Project for a Talented Writer like Yourself…

    Great Reading Material.

  9. @Jonathan: you’re wrong. No force, supernatural or otherwise, can possibly make China Wine and Kill Bill good songs.

  10. Thanks for the article. Sun is embarrassing. What embezzling idiot would parade what they spend on. If you are going to misuse other people’s milliz at least be descreet about it. I mean, I understand that K(d)ong H(k)ee probably believes that his wife is the hottest “China Wine” alive who has a beautiful voice, talent for writing Secular Lyricz, sexy body, etc and “I want the whole world to see how amazing you in my eyes, baby..” — but to be more realistic, to others it might not be the same (eg. “Oh is that the winner of a Tiffany Pageant?” “Oh thats a woman?” “Holy shit is that the same dude whom I paid fifty five baht to suck my D1{|< 3 years ago?" etc). To pull that kind of vanity career off would work better if attempted differently:

    a) With "REAL" $$$$ that you can "legally" spend (eg. Hugh Heffner's gf, Donald Trump's Tramp) but not Pastor Kong's wife Ho.
    b) Try other countries, Indonesia is pretty near and far less litigious than Singapore. It also has many other tramps of the same specimen whom u will b able to compete your birkin collections with with no shame nor fear. I mean, its only 1.5 hours away that could have saved u a Lifetime (in jail)?
    c) If you look more like Elle Macpherson/Rihanna/Lydia Hearst/something more believable if u get wut i mean lolz
    d) None of the above

    also re: Saycheese

    Annabel Chong did NOT get paid. The poor girl was exploited and was promised 10 Gs by her sleazee “manager”. Her record was also beaten the very following year by some other chick who did get paid. A Chong seemed like a traumatized girl who had self-destructive tendencies n was in huge denial.

  11. A fair review. A spectacular piece. To be honest, her music is not that bad. It definitely appeals to a certain group of people with a certain DNA.

    @tisbloggermad Why do you have to attend CHC every week to know how Sun is ? Isn’t she in LA ? :)

  12. Just to emphasize how at odds the purpose and content are…this isn’t just some secular side project, they really believe in it! Why didn’t anyone (who saw the music videos)within the church protest…ah well I also cant imagine how Pastor Kong Hee could have explained any of the above away.
    In the very recent CHC official statement: “The church states that the Crossover Project is not about one person’s singing career; it is a mission that is fundamental to the congregation of CHC. The Crossover Project is an outreach that uses Sun Ho’s singing and music to engage people and places that would never otherwise hear the Gospel. As a result of the Crossover Project, many churches have grown worldwide and the faith of many has been strengthened. Impact has been made on the needy in Haiti, disaster victims in China, the depressed and suicidal in Taiwan, and the sick children in Honduras, among others.

    Dr Pringle says, “The Gospel is the Good News and Christians are meant to share it. CHC has done this through the Crossover Project, which lies at the very heart of our religious beliefs.””

  13. It is far more likely for Low Thia Khiang to convert to PAP-ism after watching that short footage of Chan Chun Sing dancing than it is for anyone to convert to Christianity (the genuine kind) after watching the entire collection of Sun Ho’s music videos.

  14. Well written article.
    I just believe that if you did it, simply just admit it.
    It’s SIN and Karma is just hitting you back. ;)
    (No offense)

  15. Why are we still referring to it as a “career”? It is not. She and her CHC financers (who implied it is a “ministry”) lost tens of millions.

    She is the ultimate example of a failed investment. Someone should ask Guinness Book Of Records to check whether she can hold the record for the world’s worst funded recording career of all time.

  16. Thanks for saving me the trouble of searching for her music, and providing a real hilarious read at the same time. My curiosity has been sated.

    I confess, I had to stop myself from playing ‘Fancy Free’ again because I have the feeling that it has a high chance of getting stuck in my head.

  17. Thanks j, Serene, James Jan, Kyle Koh, TORAJA, Buck and JY for the kind words. Glad my ordeal could at least bring you some entertainment. :P

    Jonathan: A number of the Youtube videos you can find about her all bear descriptions of “international star” or “international pop star”. Bit of an “I think, therefore I am” branding strategy at work here, it seems.

    Michael Tan: I don’t hate her, just her music. And after having to listen to that so much in order to write the post, I think I’ve even become desensitized to its horrors!

    Lynn: Well, I don’t know what they deserve or don’t deserve for the offences they have been charged with, but in terms of the offence of shitty music they deserve whatever the court of public opinion dishes out.

    Eizuh Rockstar
    : I’ve actually steered clear of commenting on how she looks because it almost feels too unkind to go into that too. But at the end of the day, if that $23m had at least paid for (a) decent music OR (b) music which sincerely sought to promote the values that she says she stands for, it would be easier for everyone to be kinder to her.

    wei chun: A friend-of-friend on FB did manage to dig this up for Fancy Free, but apparently not the others.

    Saycheese: Whatever Annabel Chong was paid, she earned every damn cent of it.

    tisbloggermad: I find it really telling that you liken Sun performing with other people in her videos to Jesus hanging out with sinners.

    Lifedeathstuff: I gotta agree.

    TRP ENTERPRISE: On its own some people might definitely find her music fun or so-bad-it’s-good. It’s just the huge price tag and total disconnection with any Christian idea whatsoever that makes it a perfect storm of OMGWTF.

    Observer: I have yet to see any explanation from church members or the church itself (for this particular issue of the disconnect between Sun’s American music releases and the stated aim of Project Crossover) that doesn’t come across as kinda lobotomized.

    Lc: I’ve read that and didn’t find it remotely convincing, but of course you’re entitled to share it for others to make up their own mind.

    Kay Soh: LOL! I’d never seen that footage of Chan Chun Sing dancing before, so thanks! At least he was a pretty good sport about it. Although I also can’t resist snarking that with his pay, he can probably also afford some lessons with Lady Gaga’s choreographer…

    Shaun: You owe me a new monitor.

    Yuki Choe: The snark is strong with this one!

    Cosmic Clove: On the contrary, you should KEEP playing Fancy Free and let us know if it successfully brings you to Christ. :P

  18. Well dear, it is not meant to be a snark. Can anyone with a foundation course theory in business tell any of us, when is the last time someone flunked this badly having a SGD 23 mill head start, with virtually no return of investment and minimal promotional mileage and decreased perceived value?

    I dare not even begin to imagine all of God’s “work” done by her confused efforts to flaunt her “geisha” sexuality that had led to any souls being saved. Let alone how adding wine along with hips and a little flesh on dance numbers to the fruits of the spirit had anything to do with any ministry. Who’s “cross” are we looking at here now?

    Anyway, CHC had already given a “duh” response, which you can check out at The Online Citizen’s blog. Seriously, I do not mind the hypocrisy. It is that amount of money, that can feed so many poor folks and educate children, gone to waste that bugs me so much.

  19. @tisbloggermad:
    LOL what? Jealous at her success?
    LOL please~ What success?

    “Jesus even sit, eat and welcome sinners yet Jesus didn’t become like them. Did Sun become like one of them though she performed with them? Do you even regularly attend CHC?”

    Uh, hello? Lets see
    – She was dancing like a slut alongside those who performed with her.
    – She was idolizing herself, especially in Fancy Free and China Wine
    – She wasn’t only being proud (as you should know, pride is one of the seven deadly sins), but she was being conceited. Especially in “Fancy Free”, where she pretty much sang things that translates into “I’m filthy rich”, and “I’m gorgeous”.

    Sorry, but I don’t see a shred of intent to promote Christianity.
    In fact, if someone were to show some stranger who doesn’t know about Sun Hoe, and tell him that the video and music is meant to spread Christianity… I will guarantee, 100% plus chop, that the guy will look at you with the WTF face. Or worse, have a negative view on Christianity.

  20. Her chinese songs are much much better, I even like them. Perhaps it’s the record label which she signed with in the US that led to these um….for lack of a better word, trashy songs? It’s almost like the typical caricature of an Asian girl getting “corrupted” by western values, or in this case, the pressure of the “herd” in Hollywood.

    Anyway from what I gather from CHC’s article (no doubt painted in a positive light) her music in and of itself was never meant to promote christianity, it was rather during the concerts where the mass-conversion took place.

    Which is a little sad because I can’t really imagine anyone wanting to go to a concert filled with these…….”songs”.

  21. To be fair, and vocal abilities aside, Sun Ho did sing some inspiring mandarin songs at the start of her singing career. So I wonder what made her swing to the other side?

  22. Great article. I was hoping someone would write something like this. Too bad there is some slightly offensive content so I can’t share with fellow Christians.

  23. Michelle, you have outstanding writing skills. At least a good thing out of this fiasco is finding your blog. Absolutely entertaining and intelligent article.

  24. @ John,

    Good thing we enjoyed the great piece of writings (with facts) in it.

    I am Christian Myself and still can enjoy this type of writing, further I even enjoy reading “I am Angel of Heaven Rockson Takumi Tan!!! You will kiss my Horse!!!” another outspoken blogger.

    My point or my question is; WHY it is too bad you can not share the Truth Written in this wonderful piece of writing with facts which are also written around the Globe News?

    Are being Christian we are so weak to be comfronted with “any” fulgar words that even contains Truth – we can not endure?

    FAITH suppose to be our foundation, not by one person acts or others saying will change our directions on Believing in Christ as our Only Savior.

    Be strong and be courageous. We are living in deceiving world and words. The News Recently regarding all these hustle is another things that we can not hide from reality.

    If the organization is being investigate, let the law tell us the truth. Or we are much comfortable living under “comfort zone” and just enjoy something that is please us?

    Cheers, enjoy!

  25. tisbloggermad – on the contrary, don’t think the people who mock her likes her enough to hang out with her

  26. Hi, thanks for your reply :).
    Do check out this video of a Taiwanese church who has benefited from the crossover project.

    While I do find her English music videos somewhat distasteful (I admit im a prude), I do not think it is fair to judge her character based on her hollywood music exploits. You would not think an actor is a real villain or an actress a real adulteress when they act those parts in a movie. So why be so judgmental about her “acting” in these music videos. It s part of entertainment industry whether we like it or not, albeit I feel she could have make better decisions (if she had more choices or other opportunities)

  27. Dear All,

    Lately I forgot the true meaning of the Word ‘PROPAGANDA’. Let us look up on dictionary.

    prop·a·gan·da   [prop-uh-gan-duh]
    1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

    2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.

    3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

    4. Roman Catholic Church .

    a. a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.

    b. a school (College of Propaganda)  established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.

    5. Archaic . an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda.

    Despite all the above definition; I am much comfortable with definition No. 3.

    3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

    In the case of some opinion here after reading and experience and witnessing what unfold today in Global Heated Discussion on the What is Really Happening with all those monies… Songs and videos…

    I realize, the Crossover Operation or Crossover Desert Storm code name has some Special Elite Troops with one objective; Make use of the Funds for Good Cause of PROPAGANDA.

    Reminds me of some Documentary Movies from WW II where Propaganda is most powerful force.


  28. (in reply to your reply!)

    I doubt it’ll work! This all reeks of what turned me off from religion in the first place. A little too reminiscent of secondary school, with the ‘holiest’ people also among the ones who spent most of the time talking about boys, obsessing over trends, and engaging in petty quarrels. In a word: hypocritical. I figured that I’d be ‘spiritual’ instead, and not break anyone else’s set teachings and verses along the way..

  29. Disgusting behaviour using god’s name to defraud people. And chc followers, please stop behaving so dumb and defending your so called holy pastor despite the overwhelming evidence. You’re all giving Singaporeans and professionals (e.g lawyers, bankers etc) a very bad name by being so dumb! This is not about blind faith anymore…. I concede blind faith in god and religion is somewhat ok… But blind faith in this idiot kong hee, sun and cheating fools??? Wtf!!!!!

  30. @ Kaos

    :-) took you soo long to shout to the people about the “truth”?

    Why not having discussion with “them” and be rational…

    “They” are not dumb…just dutifully followers. A product of not expanding horizon on an open market eg. Choices of Churches to atten to.

    Be FREE… Have a Capitalistic Mind… Then you will find the real truth by experiencing oneself exploring the Wonder in the Bible.


  31. The system propagates itself – bec those who feel and believe will stay together in this ‘tribe’ and those who don’t will be flushed out or leave.

  32. Totally agree!!! what project crossover… sound so noble!! Watch china wine can make u horny, even help you cum should u pcc.. lol

  33. Yeah sure, tisbloggermad.

    Cling on to that desperate belief that CHC is the greatest thing that ever happened in your life, fool. I’m going to enjoy watching the authorities rip it apart. It’s the only thing the government has ever done right in so many years.

    I would like to remind you that your religion is CHRISTIANITY and not CHC. If you are being true to god, changing church to worship him is not going to damn you to hell. So it’s time to pack up and leave.

    Or maybe it’s too late, since they brainwashed you so bad that your brain’s just jelly. Oops, sorry, i forgot, they encourage you to think with your spirit, don’t they? So they can take all your monies. :)

  34. I have not much to do lately except browsing same topics in the past couples of days; and it seems the more I read the more same story over and over re-surface in our daily life.

    Then I look up another word on a dictionary and find amusing word; CULT means,

    cult  (klt)
    a. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
    b. The followers of such a religion or sect.

    2. A system or community of religious worship and ritual.
    3. The formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.
    4. A usually nonscientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease.

    a. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.
    b. The object of such devotion.

    6. An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary

    Since I have bunch of time ahead of me, I keep browsing and find quite interesting Site;

    I am not so sure if there is resemblance of the word I am stumble on the Dictionary, News that flooding the web lately and the confusion among members of some organization that are under surveillance by many eyes around the globe.

    No football match this late night early morning, only re run of Shaolin Legend on TV accompanying me with a cold pizza.


  35. Heee, this post was so awesomely snarky and hilarious! I literally laughed out loud at the bit about star rhyming with star, and the phrase “musical turd parade”! I also stalked some previous entries, and your penchant for puns makes your blog very unsuitable to read at work, I couldn’t stop giggling! :) Totally adding this blog to my RSS reader! <3

  36. @tisbloggermad: If she dresses as little as she does in the mtvs, she can hang out with me all day… even with the bad music.

    I don’t want to be this mean but the folks in CHC congregation have got to do a little reflection (meaning using some critical thinking with the grey matter than with the heart). Had the records and music videos been more religiously or values related, they could stink to high heaven but I would still understand why CHC would support such a venture. The fact is that the content preaches the complete decadent and hedonistic opposite. Stuff that would put atheist to shame and the devil real proud. If CHC still hopes to hold any shred of credibility among the people of Singapore in the future, it’s time for them to come out and admit the mistake, apologize and sanction the guilty. Hypocrisy doesn’t win you any believers. It’s the real action that does.

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