Gulp Friction

I usually have my nose in a book while I’m on the bus, but today on the number 12 I looked up in absolute boredom from Garden State (you know how some authors channel all their great writing into their first book and their following books are never as good? Well, Rick Moody isn’t one of those authors) somewhere just past Kallang MRT and noticed a classy establishment named “BJ Massage”.


  1. It must be a chain. When my debate friends came here for Worlds this year, we were in Chinatown and saw another BJ Massage shophouse. Needless to say, the boys felt that they HAD to take a picture with it, thumbs-up signs, lascivious grins and all….

  2. I’ve seen a van with the words “A BJ Pest Extermination” prominently displayed. My puerile mind couldn’t stop laughing.

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