Good To Know

From Sour Sweet (Timothy Mo) (Triad leader giving street fighting masterclass to his thugs.):

‘Untrained man’s instinct is to kick this – Golden Target,’ he indicated the 49’s groin. ‘Very difficult to do. In fighting one is always conscious of the need to protect this spot. It is best to attack the groin with your hand – either Dragon fist,’ – he raised the proximal phalangeal joints of his left hand above the knuckles like two horns and executed a short uppercut just short of the 49’s testicles – ‘or grab them and pull. Incapacitates totally…Note: your opponent’s penis lies in front of and protects his testicles. His yang can save him. Deliver the kick like this.’ He tapped the instep of his foot just above the buckle of the crocodile shoe. ‘Drive upward, not forward. Short-range kick. It squashes a man’s testicles against the pubis. No protection. Even better to use knee-ram instead of foot.’

Iron Plank said: ‘Listen carefully. You hear secrets of a master.’


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