Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Back from Siem Reap. The bad news is that almost as soon as we arrived, my beloved digital camera went missing and is still missing.

The good news is that because Russ is the sort of photography nut who brings both film and digital cameras with him on his travels, at least I was able to use his digital camera throughout the trip. Apart from the shock of losing the camera, being somewhere as amazingly beautiful as the temples of Angkor and not being able to take pictures of them would have depressed me even more.

So, despite the circumstances there will definitely be Siem Reap photos up here in the near future. You’ll just have to ignore the tear-stains. :(


  1. I was looking forward to seeing those photos Russ took in Italy a while back. Pity they got destroyed.

    New Modest Mouse album next year.. “w00t!!11” as the kids say.

  2. Bummer – but I hope you enjoyed Angkor, i thought it was one of the most amazing places I’d ever been

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